You Won't Find A BETTER DEAL
To Join Exitus Elite Than This..

  • FREE Advanced YBR Setup For Accurate Conversion Tracking (SAVE $55)

  • Hundreds of FREE Clicks to Your YBR System (SAVE AT LEAST $200!!)

  • Offer This One Spot Bonus To Your Own First Exitus $1k Signup

  • PLS Share Code With Sales Page + Email Campaign For This Offer!

So Why Should I Join Exitus Elite Through the One Spot Bonus?


The top marketers know the incredible power of a high-converting, 'targeted' sales funnel. It's the secret to building a better list with red hot buyers. Still not convinced?...

Easy to Use

Everything is completely setup and ready to go. Start generating leads & commissions immediately.

Build a Buyer List

Instantly get more leads, subscribers, and more buyers.

No Monthly Fees

No Extra Charge for Using the Yellow Brick Road sales funnel.

Boost Sales & Enrollments

Boost sales and enrollments to your primary business through professionally written email campaigns.
What is Exitus and How Does it Work?

Exitus is a large collection of Internet Marketing related educational products + courses known as the "Genesis Library" and pays instant commissions. 

"Instant commissions" with Exitus means you can literally add your own payment information in your Exitus dashboard. Then when your prospects pay the membership fee ($99/quarterly or $299/annually) they can then manually send you the $100 or the $1000 payment direct to your chosen Processor.

I personally use Paypal but you can choose absolutely any payment method you want to receive your own payments.

The Genesis Library is divided into two sections  - "Advanced" and "Elite". Both pay 100% commissions - one of the most attractive aspects of Exitus in my humble opinion. There's no waiting around for weeks to get paid. You can go to sleep at night and wake up to a cool $1000 payment straight in to your account.

Now... the Advanced Library pays $100 commissions with no passups. The Elite Library pays instant $1000 commissions with one single passup.

How Does The One Spot Bonus Work?

The one single passup is the reason One Spot Bonus was created. It means everything shown above is offered to only one person for joining at the $1k Elite level. Not only that but then that one person can offer the One Spot Bonus to their own first Exitus Elite signup too. Is this one person going to be you?

You'll be given your own One Spot Bonus sales page, sales video and email sequence all coded to you - using A Power Lead System share code. You'll be shown exactly how to set this up in a secret Facebook group once you take the One Spot Bonus offer. It only takes 5 minutes to set up. Power Lead System makes these copy and paste sales pages easy to share.

You Must Delete The Share Code

Once you've signed one member up at the $1K Elite level and they've been passed up (whether they used the One Spot Bonus or not) - it's then critical you delete the Power Lead System share code. I cannot be responsible for anyone you sign up who thinks they qualify for the One Spot Bonus when they don't because you did not delete the share code immediately after your 1st $1K signup was passed up.

Of course you can obviously offer a similar deal to your own signups thereafter. You could offer to pay for a system setup and even free clicks to their Yellow Brick Road system. That is entirely up to you.

How Does This Relate To YBR?

Basically Yellow Brick Road (YBR) is a system which includes Exitus Elite. So a free advanced system setup and 500 free clicks to the YBR system just makes sense. In fact the One Spot Bonus offer could pay for itself over time - especially if you're upgraded to the Diamond or Platinum level in Power Lead System.

The YBR email campaign goes on for over 5 weeks - bringing your prospects back to the system time and time again until they eventually pull the trigger and join.

The YBR system has more than 1700 users who've added the share code and almost 4k people in the Facebook Group.

The YBR creators are always looking for ways to improve conversions. The main focus is to push Exitus Elite and ensure that the YBR system converts for Exitus $100 and $1000 instant payments.

Click the image below if you haven't yet joined the YBR system.

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